Friday, September 26, 2008

Gmail - Science Matters: We must elect leaders who care about the planet

Gmail - Science Matters: We must elect leaders who care about the planet

Dear Friends the GH fully endorses Santiago Davido's comments in the upcoming Canadian elections & holding the bastards to be honest / esp in the vital issues confrontong us alllllllllllllllll :

Here's your weekly Science Matters column by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola.
We must elect leaders who care about the planet
Do you enjoy David Suzuki's weekly article? Did you know that the David Suzuki Foundation is funded by readers like you? Make a donation today to support this important work.Leaders of nations worldwide know we are near more than one environmental tipping point. So they've met to hammer out agreements in crucial areas such as biodiversity loss and global warming. Canada itself has acknowledged, through national planning and legislation, the importance of issues such as species conservation and sustainable development. Many of these agreements and strategies must be addressed during the mandate of the government we elect on October 14.In December 2009, Canada will meet with other nations in Copenhagen to adopt an international treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. In 2010, the country will also have to report on the progress it has made regarding the UN Convention on Biological Diversity's targets for reducing biodiversity loss. Over the next few years, Canada's government must also formally review its Species at Risk Act, implement a Sustainable Development Act, and tackle a number of other crucial environmental issues. We need a government that will lead when it comes to caring for the finite world that gives us life and sustains us. We've already squandered 20 years since global warming was first recognized as an issue requiring immediate attention. We signed the Kyoto Protocol 10 years ago, in 1998, and ratified it in 2002, but have done little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions since then. On top of that, our oceans have more plastics and pollution but fewer fish, plant and animal species are disappearing at an accelerating rate, and we have failed to take advantage of the many opportunities sustainable development offers.Even though the environment has at least been on the agenda during this election, pollsters tell us Canadians see the economy and health care as more important. But it's not a matter of one or the other. The health of Canadians depends on a healthy environment, as does a healthy economy. Everything is connected!The economy is a huge issue, as we can see from the current meltdown in the U.S., which will surely have an enormous impact on our economy. But some politicians are exploiting our fears to imply that environmental protection and action on global warming are not compatible with a strong economy. What planet are these people living on?That way of thinking is wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin. A strong, sustainable economy is not possible without a healthy environment. Global warming, pollution, diminishing resources, and loss of species and habitat will cost us increasingly more as our already burdened health-care systems are stretched to the limit, as we run short of fossil fuels and land to grow food, and as ecosystems collapse, threatening the availability of clean water, air, and soil.Those who argue that protecting the environment will hurt the economy may want to take note that none of the current economic problems in the U.S., here, or around the world has been caused by environmental-protection measures! On the contrary, countries such as Germany and Denmark that took measures early on to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and switch to more renewable energy sources have seen substantial economic benefits and have been less vulnerable to the impacts of volatile fossil-fuel markets. We don't decry $90 a tonne tipping fees for landfills but we scream bloody murder at a suggested $10 a tonne to pollute the atmosphere with carbon. Sweden has a flourishing economy with a carbon tax at $150 a tonne!We're a bit behind, but we can start to catch up by recognizing that environmental initiatives can give the economy a huge boost. We can keep sucking every last bit of coal and oil out of the ground until it's all gone, until it's all been burned and its carbon released into the air, or we can create jobs and economic opportunities by developing renewable sources of energy.Yes, we can all make a difference through our own individual actions, by changing some of our habits, but we also have an opportunity to elect a government that will contribute to the kinds of large-scale changes needed for a sustainable world. As Canadians, we must hold the politicians to account and ensure that, no matter which party wins the election, we will have a government that shows foresight and leadership at home and abroad. That way we'll have a country that is thriving on opportunity rather than drowning in crisis. If we keep stalling, we won't have to worry about the economy, or health care, or anything else.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Battleground Earth Game : Planet Green

Battleground Earth Game : Planet Green

the green hornet is battling in theUS this week go see the bright ideas and the green light bulb wars

Australia's support of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Australia's support of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

when passing by the phantoms cave the other day he and his paricipatory local elders council, which advises him on delicate cultural concerns before he races in on his 'white' charger (not the Chrysler icon), and blows the wrong dude(s) or dedette(s) away..and he could be dragged into the International Crimal Court or the HR he's given us all a look into this politically correct IGO 4 our own enjoy :

some of his elders also are still shocked that a 'progressive' nation like australia would still leave unfinished biz from last sept unattended so get to it activists and lobbyists get onto the 'Ruddy faced one' , or his HR rep and push him over the line..Saying Sorry is one thing but signing of this declaration is
just catch up ..We've still gotr a wat 2 go 2 redeem ourselves..OK Internationally and Nationaly and State by State, Local/ Region by Region, Community by Commnuity, Street by Street, Person by person...??

Go 4 it, Greenies..The Hornet luvs ya awwl..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forests Screensavers by Magentic

Forests Screensavers by Magentic
......OK's a bit of e puff.. but even Gh loves his/her puffcakes,, virtual or otherwise..


also Green Hornet is working at the Bat cave recently relocated to upper Amozonis...and temporarily vacnt owner on sabatical to Tansilvania,,.....well Romania in todays speak...

....and hes working on new projects ..on to eradicate UV offenders in the stratoshere,,, ultimately to help all of us who live in the Biosphere....."i ve got them biosphere blues....With tipping pionts a plaguein',,,,
n de biodiversity a huuracane a raging.. hello my fello americans....Bush a prevaractin....
Howard now on ice......A ruudy faced PM signs Kyoto....and Iv still got them BS Blues.....Oh YEEEHHH1!!

anywat now I've got dat ..that orf me chesty...Im teelin u wot i suggested to GH with his innovations in Green Tech...try partnering ....with a virtual / real marketing boffin..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CPRC - Home

the G H has been, getting greedy ,taking on an area that has no superhero... yes its that smell of the slums ,rank insidious and persistant , but strangely invisisble......

Make Poverty History

CPRC - Home

The Chronic Poverty Research Centre is an international partnership of universities, research institutes and NGOs which exists:
to focus attention on chronic poverty
to stimulate national and international debate
to deepen understanding of the causes of chronic poverty
to provide research, analysis and policy guidance that will contribute to its reduction.
CPRC was established in 2000 with initial funding from the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID). <>

to deal with this amazingly complex issue, circumstance, lifestyle?, globalisations' spawn?..
G H has developed a super heros ToolBox :

What is the purpose of the toolbox?
Who is the toolbox for?
How to use the toolbox
The toolbox is a work in progress

Ethics first before tooling up...............
<> designing research
then go to the infra red scope and other stuff in the utility belt

Collecting data
Participatory approaches
Strengths and weaknesses of participatory approaches
Online links to guides for methods specific to participatory research
Livelihoods approaches
Livelihoods introduction
Link to DFID Sustainable Livelihoods Framework Diagram (Word doc)
Link to DFID Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (Links to
Principles of livelihoods research
Examples of the framework in practice
Livelihoods checklist
Focus groups and interviews
Methods for focus group discussions
Interviewing techniques
Case studies
Life histories

a tool for conceptualising livlihood projects:

Green Hornet is exhausted by making poverty hisory.....and Climate change

so u watch the movie..OK?
.....hes going to recharge at the Earth Institute

Ann Ahhhh OOHHH aAAhhhh .......that feels sooo much beetttaaa!!!

10 / 4 buddies.......

so he's going to soak ina heap at the EARTH INSTITUTE

Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Chrome is here..a totally nu take on the browser thang and loosening MS's hold on s.w. n browersville,,,,

and .....

so.... wot do u thionk ????? the G H thinks this is seriuosly wickred......

Monday, September 1, 2008

We Can Solve It | Together, We Can Repower America

We Can Solve It Together, We Can Repower America

Now some goood news..from the other evil .....about to loose the crown.....empire

greening the the biggest economies energy sytem.... and the biggest poluuter...1

Digg - Russia faces new Caucasus uprising in Ingushetia

Digg - Russia faces new Caucasus uprising in Ingushetia
GH has more info on the Caucases.. fallin apart under the neo soviet Empire...

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Fruit under the microscope

BBC NEWS Science/Nature Fruit under the microscope.......

On his travels to clean up after others messy habits, obviously they didn't have a babuska, to teach them good manners, and home craft skills.... Well the Ural petro mess now an international agency godsend ..even the Vernon and the boys from IR have been sent in, tosave some oilies stuck on sinking dereck in the thawing permafrost.. watch out GH might be off again to try use his MITAGATION RAY on the ensuing methane release...

But nearer ro home somewhere in the Welsh Border Ranges, Gh dropped into the Kew Millenium Seed project with some seed finds from upper Amazonia......see the link for the pretty pic of up n oersonal with botony........enjoy,, and see the BBC ?/ link to the KMSP.....

and for the Green Gommmets ...

bact to savung the planet from the evil empire...humanity!