Thursday, November 18, 2010

Green Flats_Green Fashionistas Unite

Hey just a quick return to my former fashionista background (i5yrs) well that was after horticulture and Naturapathy and asmidge of Carpentry....Yes diverse but true

Any way....came across this fashion site and I was fixated by these flats ....well 'ballet flats' ,,,reminds me of the fixation in the new age/alternate scene with the black 'Kung Fu' shoes....enjoy Yes a bit of a consumer led fightback into the cosy domain of greenville..but we do need low cost footwear..I'm down to two pairs..a 'rock hopper' pair of sandals (Iveo, good quality_Permaculture! they last..there washeable and highlt adaptable) and a pair of suede boots (given to me by elderly neighbour) for more formal occasions..but for biz networking in now need proper slip on shoes,,still looking,,....and a hand me down pair of workboots for the garden or building projects..
Ow i love getting my olde tool bag on ,,,"macho, macho man, I wanna be a ...." yeh camp it up!

Anyway Green left some appropriate green suggestions on this fashionistas sistas site!

Green camoflague; 'fatigue flats'? 'elektrique green' & a subtle green wash....but remember try to reuse, reduce, and upcycle ina green and afashion sennse if u can B4 consuming a bit more of mother Natures limited storehouse!