Thursday, August 28, 2008

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All the rage - Culture - Executive Style Home - The third annual Pet Fashion Week in Manhattan recently, where despite a looming US recession, the world's dog-loving fashionistas gathered to share ideas, market their products, strut a canine catwalk and raise money for charity. The latest of examples American consumerism focussing on our pets :"out of Andean alpaca wool to a line of bamboo-only products by 'Pet Duti,'"and out of sustainable solutions and into human insanity.....Oh no... 5th Av watch out ..."Palatial doghouses on offer stood covered in lush drapes and filled with cushions bearing Swarovski jewels (price: $US9,000 ($A10,436) to $US15,000 ($A17,393)) and other jewellery, while other vendors were peddling the "must-haves" of the moment: all things environmentally friendly and recyclable." where does consumerism , and must haves for the status hungry manhattan elite begin and unsustainability end? Such green items ranged from cardigans knitted out of Andean alpaca wool to aline of bamboo-only products by "Pet Duti," a brand which offers items aimed at easing the unfashionable modern-day necessity of cleaning up after one's dog outside.

The Greem Hornet, has another hurculanean job on his hands: using his sustainer ray on those bejeweled doggie "palaces" and converting them to recycled plastic and cardboard homes for the Bronx homeless. Kazapp!!

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